Who Am I

I am an attorney that has been working in Utah, zealously representing people who need access to justice. The legal system can be complex and intimidating for the average person. I find great satisfaction in doing my best to navigate these complexities for people, so that they receive just treatment from parties that have wronged them.

I’ve worked to advocate the rights of people injured in accidents, accused of crimes, immigrants, and people stuck in commercial contract disputes. While I have experience in a variety of areas of law, the theme of my practice is diligence and commitment to protect the rights of people who have come to me for help.

Clay Wilkes


When a person calls a law office, it is generally because they are in a bad position. My singular goal is to guide that person through whatever legal issues they are facing. It is easy for a person to feel overwhelmed or isolated when they have to deal with a stressful if not traumatic experience. The opposition, whether it be an individual or an insurance company, can exploit these feelings to their advantage. My role as your attorney is to use my experience to prevent that from happening.

The average person may not be willing to push for a fair settlement. The insurance companies have invested a lot of resources over the past decades to shape public opinion and paint the injury plaintiff as selfish, greedy, or unable to support themselves. This stereotype is simply not true. This bias exists to protect the insurance company from having to do what they advertise and pay when a driver they insure causes injuries to another driver on the road.

All of the clients I have worked with are good people who have suffered trauma through no fault of their own. To the contrary of the bias in public opinion manufactured by the insurance companies, it is not fair that a person injured through the bad choices of another person should have to bear the burden of that injury when there is a system to insure the injured person from the negative burden of being injured. I’ve seen how the industry works and have seen how the insurance company tries to stigmatize personal injury cases. I see the need for attorneys to push back in this unfair fight. Nobody I know enjoys having to deal with a lawsuit -- and I don't blame them. I will find out what is most important to you in resolving whatever situation you are in and make sure you get as fair a settlement as possible so that you can continue on with your life as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, dealing with insurance companies is a tug-a-war where they try to pressure you into taking an undervalued settlement -- they are running a business after all and always have their bottom line in mind.


You may have to deal with medical bills and missing work. The insurance company contracts with you to cover these costs and I help make sure they fulfill their promises as agreed upon.

Insurance companies have been in this business for much longer than the average person so they know what tactics will work to frustrate, discourage, and ultimately force you to accept an undervalued settlement. I’ve seen these tactics and know what is not acceptable. I will protect your rights during the uncertain process of trying to get your life back to normal.


You may have needs like covering for work days you’ve missed, getting medical treatment, paying for bills from hospital visits, or figuring out transportation while your car is in the shop. I can help you with these problems you’re facing so you're not alone. I give each case 100% of my attention. Because I don’t work in a large firm with heavy overhead or the pressure to make a lot of money so my bosses can get paid, I take on a reasonable work load that still allows me to give 100% of my attention to fighting for your rights.

I am accessible to my clients to answer your questions during the claims process. I know that a lot of stress can come from simply not understanding what is happening or when your relief will arrive. I do my best to pull from past experiences and know how to help, often times, before you need it.

I view the attorney client relationship as a two-way street and value your input during my representation. I believe that working with an attorney is the best way to make the personal injury process manageable. I have seen from experience that getting professional representation involved increases what you recover.

You can contact me for a free, prompt case evaluation. I will answer your questions based on my experience as completely as I can so that you can put this behind you and move on with your life. I know I can provide value to people in your position to take the stress off your shoulders.


How can I help you?

I assist people injured because of somebody else’s negligence every day. I know what stress and barriers you are facing from the insurance company who is trying to pay as little as possible. I take on as much of the hassle and headaches as I can so you can focus on healing.


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